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Your Soul Journey

                 Peace, Love, Gratitude

About Us

Your Soul Journey is a place to learn, to love and to connect with yourself and those who have crossed to the other side. It's a place to nurture your Spirit and your Soul with love, peace and nurturing. One of the most difficult experiences we will ever have to endure in this lifetime is the loss of a loved one. My hope for you is that you gain the the trust and the knowledge that will allow you to see that life goes on once we leave this realm.

Right now, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We have chosen to be here for a determined length of time. Once our physical body 'dies', our soul is released and returns from where it came. Think of a soul as the person you knew...their personality, mannerisms, smile, laugh...because that's how they will come through to you. There is no time in the spiritual realm, just pure love, peace and beauty. Negativity doesn't exist.

When your loved one crosses over, no matter what the circumstance, they are welcomed and loved. They are surrounded by loved ones, given time to heal and become 'whole' again. They have the ability to connect with you, be near you, watch over you and give you messages. Just because they're no longer in this physical world does not mean they are not with you. Their essence will be with you forever.